Trip 125 – Gnangara Pines Night Trip   

12th March 2016

Trip Leader:   Pat O’Dowd

6.00pm Meet at Landsdale McDonalds

Upon arrival Pat discovered a ratchet handle tucked into our bumper. Clear evidence of a pre-trip tinker by Matt.

As we awaited the arrival of our fellow members, McDonalds was well met by drivers and passengers. And dinner was had.

Around 6.15 we departed with an 8 vehicle convoy.

After we got over the confusion of who was tail end Charlie (Pat was reminiscing his last trip)   we arrived at the dirt and aired down.

Ten minutes later we got to the sand pit and was quickly followed by, “I’m stuck, damn and bugger..!!!”  by three members… in quick succession.

It must be noted here that Pat was not the first one bogged, but was the only one bogged before entering the sand pit…!

We would have rushed to help, but it was dark and we couldn’t see them…??… so instead turned our two way radios down so as not to hear them… and all let some more air out of our own tyres.!

While our intrepid troop were further preparing for the wild,  a Range Rover Vogue decided to show us ‘how it was done’…  got half way past us… before dropping so low it was on the doorsills.    It turns out… you don’t get a lot of spread from low profile tyres..!

Peter was kind enough to eventually winch them out.  But not before he had conquered the sand pit hill of doom, after Murray had led the way.

Most of our crew did the run with the exception of us. We were mere metres off the summit on our 4th attempt then called it quits.

Screaming “more power..!”  like Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t work by the way..!

So, after we had no takers on a knock down price for our van, Pat then led us on an enchanting meander of the Gnangara outback.

We stopped for a cuppa and a natter before heading home.

Tanya T

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