Trip 59 – Up the Murray

Trip Leaders; Paul Ryan & Richard King

The weather was fantastic as we gathered at the Pinjarra Bakery for what turned out to be a lovely day out. Fortunately we ended up with only 11 vehicles down from the anticipated 36 which was always a bit of a worry. We had 6 Pajeros, 1 Triton and 4 LandCruisers, it was quite ironic as we had more LandCruisers than the Toyota LandCruiser Club that was also meeting in the car park.

A quick explanation of marking the corners and radio etiquette was given and then we moved on toward Dwellingup. Now I had followed procedure and listed ever one in convoy order as per my form and allocated visitors Glen & Terri to position 2. (this become relevant a little later). As we moved towards the Pinjarra/Williams road we conducted a radio check. It became apparent that some people think that 6 comes after 7 a quick correction by way of a big black V8 LandCruiser over taking another big black V8 LandCruisers and we were all sorted.

After missing the very first turn off by a few metres and showing the convoy a shortcut right through the middle of the Nanga Mill campsite we were back on track and ready to venture forth. The trip notes were easy to follow and even easier because I had entered the waypoint into Oziexplorer and set up a route for us to follow. We turned on the the track proper and soon discovered that the notes were correct when they stated that this track was boggy when wet. Needless to say not every brand of vehicle chose to go through this mud hole, which ended up being one of the smaller ones.

As the day progressed my fondness of the track grew as did the grin on my face, I was thinking we definitely have to have a re-visit mid winter for a bit of a locked and lifted run. Some of the so called pot holes would swallow a whole vehicle. Some clandestine training comments were made about the importance of checking all “puddles” no matter how small and innocent they look. Most of these pot hole had work arounds or slight deviations abut there were a few that didn’t and that’s what would male a mid winter trip very interesting and not for the faint hearted.

It was approaching lunch time and we were in earnest looking for a spot to enjoy some hard earned calories. Then we found a lovely little spot to have some fun, some fo the members and visitors looked on in horror and disbelief as I directed my car towards what must have seemed like a vertical wall with 4 great big wombat holes in the lead up to it. Lockers, LandCruiser and Lunacy saw the rock climb conquered with a modicum of finesse. Richard and Rick followed suit with almost a bored look on their face, (hmmm 2 candidates for the wet weather trip coming up). The main picture of this article shows Richard poking his nose over the top.

Lunch was down on the banks of the Murray River, whilst the view was good the ground level was not.

The Bromb’s never to be deterred from a proper lunch setting came up with a unique way of keeping things in their place and managed to prevent their table sliding into the river.


After lunch thing took a bit of a turn with the convoy having to make several to get around the gates that stopped us completing the rest of the trip. It seems that Alcoa have a major mining operation in the area. We were driving through the forest and came across a sign saying tunnel ahead, I thought I was dreaming but sure enough there rising like a phoenix from the ashes was a huge overpass in the middle of the Nanga heritage area. I must say that driving through with the windows down listening to my V8 echoing off the tunnel walls did have a pleasing feeling to it. We popped out onto the main road and then high tailed it back to Dwellingup for a well earned and refreshing beverage at the Blue Wren café. General chit chat ensued and a lot was learned about 4WDing and career choices with visitors and members alike mixing it in.

No reported damage to vehicles, people, pride nor egos but I reckon a few of us had the hoses out late Sunday evening getting the excess mud off. A Great time was had by all and I hope to lead a few more trip in the near future. See you out there.

Paul Ryan


  1. Paul Ryan

    If anyone is interested in doing a wet version of this trip please let me know.

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