Trip Leader Training Day

Trip Leader: Richard Nicholls & Richard King

When: 22nd February 2014

Location: Wungong Regional Park

Participants: Rob Nankiville, Rick Lazar, Bob & Bridget McPherson, Michael Gilbert, Peter Nicol, David Jones,Brett Anderson, Stephen Kalynuik, Bruce & Judith Brinkley,

The period up until the delayed departure from the Caltex meeting point at 10.30am was well used by Richard King as he began the “talking part” of the training day.  He gave us a run through of basics, trip leader procedures and routines, and just what can be expected…and unexpected…and how to cope.    We were able to ask questions and clarify points.
We were waiting for webmaster Michael to appear and his rescuer Richard Nichols.
Michael’s car had finally decided it needed some more TLC after his Tasmanian jaunt. It developed a mechanical problem only walking distance from the meetup and needed rescuing. Once again a demonstration of the advantages of being in a club. One is never left on the side of the road waiting for a repair vehicle while a club member is near.   They arrived so we moved off to Wungong Regional Park for the practical.
First lesson fluffed was in the sounding off in vehicle numbering and we were still only driving up the bitumen.
Second lesson learned was to make sure tyre pressures are checked… before you leave home !!
Brinkley’s had to air up not air down for the rocky roads within the park.
One of their tyres was only 11.5psi.
The group was separated into two and Leaders and Charlies ‘volunteered’.
Two routes taken in opposite directions within the park and ‘procedures’ were implemented.
Leads and/ or Charlies rotated through the group .
For some it’s probably no big deal to be out in front as a trip leader but for others it can be daunting. So to have friendly supportive “followers” the self consciousness of giving instructions etc reduces…especially after repeated opportunities…and the good natured harassment that goes on within the club.     Being in front, no tail lights to follow, brings with it a different awareness of the surrounds and conditions of tracks.
Airstrip for lunch.  Stephen and ‘helpers’  hadn’t appeared..they were doing their own learning curve of where jack points are etc etc when a tyre needs changing again only walking distance from the rest of us.   More razzing!
Wungong…Those who have been to the Environment days there would be cheered by the height and health of the trees planted on the airstrip.    Looking good.
Did have an incident where a car drove up, parked in almost full view, no licence plates, and proceeded to dump some rubbish.
A word was had with them, photos taken,  and they quickly moved off.
It was an enjoyable, informative day.
Another step to familiarization of roles within the club.


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