White Hills Beach to Yarloop to..

Trip Leader:  Wes

When:   2nd December 2007

Location:   White Hills and places East.

Sunday December 2nd
The sky was overcast and it was a little chilly, especially for the girls who forgot jackets. 
We all assembled at the Jolly Frog on the Dawesville cut at 9am.  A total of 9 cars lined up for this trip. These included, Wes and daughter Teagan, Jason & Jane with daughter Lani, John & Sue, Sam & Pasc, Keith, Lester & Chris, Karen & Martin, and 2 visitors’ vehicles. Wes was the trip Leader and briefed the group about the day’s plan. 
Wes led the way south to White Hills Road with Keith at the rear.
There was a bit of controversy over who was going to do the trip notes.  
 After I was nominated by the Broms, Jason seconded the motion and I then slapped him, once, not three times.
We turned into White Hills Road and continued on to the car park to let our tyres down.
The convoy took off into the sand (for about 10 metres) before Wes realised he wasn’t in 4wd. (I was advised not to mention this, Oops).  We finally drove onto the beach which was fairly soft and lumpy in parts. A couple of vehicles found some parts a bit tricky, but all made it through with little fuss.
We then turned off the beach at Preston, to pump up tyres and have mornos.  
The kids enjoyed themselves on the swings.
Just before midday, we headed off for the Power Line track west of Yarloop, but later found that it wasn’t accessible (I’ve since been told that Wes and gates in the area have a chequered history) so we made our way to the “Yarloop Workshops” for a quick look. The lady at the shop couldn’t believe how many people came in at once! She was a bit reluctant at first to give us a group discount on the admission, but after Sam used his charm, she agreed to lower the price. 
However, the group decided not to bother and left the store to make tracks for Logue Brook dam for lunch.    The shop keeper followed us out onto the porch in a desperate bid to sell us SOMETHING, but it wasn’t to be her day.
We then headed to Logue Brook Dam across the dam wall in our damn cars (thanks Martin) where we stopped for lunch.  
The kids had a swim at the dam while the group quickly ate lunch, along with every fly in the state.
After lunch, we were all glad to leave the flies behind and head up Hoffman Hill for a drive, starting on a gravel track. First obstacle was a narrow entry between two trees. We tried to squeeze the big Patrol through, but the Broms kindly got out and advised us we wouldn’t make it. So we reversed back and took the alternate track around the trees. A few cars got through the trees, but the majority followed us. 
Wes led the group onto some more tight squeezes and tracks that were even too narrow for the local wildlife to use. The local trees and shrubs acted like a Car Wash for all of the vehicles.
We then continued on and investigated more tracks.  A couple of the ladies decided to have a drive and give the guys a rest. 
The convoy endured some tight turns and downhill slopes, before Wes advised us that we were at a dead end, and had to turn around.
The group eventually sorted themselves out and headed back the way we came. Keith ended up out the front of the pack, and no one quite knew where Wes got to. None the less, we continued on until we came across a small creek. The radios became busy all of a sudden as the drivers were invited to have a look at what was ahead. The next manoeuvre was going to be interesting as there were a few logs running at 90° to the flow of the creek. Keith decided to give it try but changed his mind before going too far.
It was later mentioned that this trip should go down in some sort of “Book of Records” for the trip leader losing the group, and the group later finding the trip leader.
We finished the day at 4.00pm back at the Logue Brook dam with a few scratches, those flies again, and a few exhausted drivers reflecting on the days events.
On behalf of the club, thanks again Wes for organising a fantastic day.
Till next trip.
Jane & Jason McCarthy
Trip Leaders Note:
I strongly refute the vicious rumour (this smells very much like it could have been instigated by JB) that I lost the group.  I knew where the group was at all times, even if separated from them for a short while.  Thanks to Sam and Pasc, at least they didn’t turn and high tail it outa there at the first sign of tough going.
Just to set the record straight, I left the group under the competent care of my 2IC who, in his attempt to find the bitumen before certain members of the group collapsed in sheer panic, led the group to the water crossing mentioned (and pictured) above.  While the group contemplated their assault (or lack thereof) on this obstacle, their fearless trip leader took off to reconnoitre a safe extraction route.  After establishing a safe route out, I returned to mark the track and assist them to safety.
And if you believe that, then I will no doubt catch you outside in a couple of weeks looking skyward for the big fella in a red suit with 12 flying reindeer!!
Thanks to everyone for a fantastic day.
 “If you’re not lost, you’re not trying hard enough”.

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