White Hills Beach

Trip Leader: Richard & Helen

When: 22nd February, 2009

Location: White Hills Beach south of Mandurah

Participants: Martin & Karen, Jason & Jane + daughter,Pat + daughter, Lester + visitors, Visitor Don & Chris P, John & Vivienne, Syd & Pam, Visitor Daley + son, John & Sue, Trevor & Rachel + children, Tail end Charlie – Neil & Raelene

We left the tavern at 9.30am and headed off towards the beach.  
At the end of the limestone section of Whitehills Road we stopped and let our tyres down.  
One by one we drove up the sandhill and onto the beach – no problems at all by anyone.  
Once on the beach we proceeded to drive until we found a wide section where we could all park without disrupting the other thru traffic.  It was very windy and we decided that the “house of 11 blue bags” would blow away so we ended up tying a tarp between 2 vehicles and a few other people, who had awnings, set those up as well for shade.  
We were then joined by Syd & Pam’s other son, Grant, and family.
We had morning tea, the kids went for a swim and some folk flew a kite.  
Unfortunately the wind got the better of us after a while and we packed up and headed for Preston Beach where we had lunch on the grass near the carpark.  
After lunch and a chinwag everyone finished pumping up their tyres and one by one headed off home round 2.30pm-ish.

Helen & Richard Kingston

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