Wilbinga Beach Family Day

Trip Leader: Paul & Louise

Tail-end Charlie – Richard & Helen

When: Sunday 18th December 2005

Location: Wilbinga Beach

Participants: Richard & Helen, Richard & Nicole, Martin & Karen, Gary & Wilma, Craig & Kirstie, Tom & Anita and of course Paul, Louise, Matthew and Sam.

    It all started at the 10th light horse trail in Wanneroo, a fine looking bunch sat waiting….waiting….waiting…for who you may ask….see above next to trip notes.
    NB:must bring pressure to bear on all committee members to change the ‘last in writes the notes’ rule.
    I am sure Dianna will support me on this one and maybe even Wes. After all the smart remarks and cheekiness died down the officialdom was dealt out albeit in a reasonably casual manner. Richard K (training Richard) coming to the rescue with a trip leaders file ( I found my copy in the car when we got home). Present were Richard & Helen, Richard & Nicole, Martin & Karen, Gary & Wilma, Craig & Kirstie, Tom & Anita and of course Paul, Louise, Matthew and Sam.
    After arriving at the air down spot and being spooked by Karen giving a body count in the forest opposite (you had to be there). We set off down a very corrugated road towards what was eventually the bluest ocean I have seen since last summer. Once we got onto the sand is was a quieter and softer going and we headed off towards the first sand bowl (read playground) and it was there we stopped for morno’s. Now, despite my promise to Wes to provide the entertainment for the club in his absence, the trip was without incident so far. Martin thought it might be a good idea to drive down the beach to the next spot and then stop for lunch, “yeah why not” we all said. I drove down onto the beach and found that is was particularly soft but kept the foot down and thought it will get better soon…..wrong!
    After coming to a complete stop, the car not the wheels, I decided reversing would be a better manoeuvre and eventually got the car moving again.
    So now we have 7 cars doing very delicate u-turns on the beach and heading back the way we came.
    The exit from the sand bowl was very steep and probably reminiscent of the Lancelin dunes for some. Some of the ladies made comments like “do we have to do this?”. All got through without a struggle but it was quiet on the radio….until some bright park said “that would be good to go up!” and Richard said “I’m gonna give that a go” a few tries later… success was abound.
    Meandering our way toward our lunch spot soaking in the fantastic weather and scenery, in fact the scenery was so good we took a few wrong turns, “no probs” said I as I look at my nav screen seeing that the tracks would meet up again.   That worked for a while until we came to a particularly steep hill with a nasty sharp turn at the top, which eventually made for a good parking spot for my car.
    I’ll let the pictures do the talking and Wes, my promise to you is kept.
    Lunch was a fairly causal 2-3 hour affair with a wide variety of awnings on display some being an easy one-person setup, others taking half of the attendees to get organised. Sand castle building not many takers above 3 foot tall on this avenue, sun baking, lets just say Richard & Nicole’s lunch wasn’t the only thing cooking (sun screen people), fishing…next story please.
    Packed up with our bellies full and the fishing stock in the ocean safe for yet another day, we ventured towards playground number 2.   Another sand bowl that is dear to Mike K’s heart.   On the way there we found another nice little hill that set the pulses racing, you couldn’t see the drop off so with careful guidance from Richard and Helen on radio at the bottom of the hill you would basically just drive of the edge of the cliff. Great stuff who needs the Royal Show when you have rides like this. We continued on to the sand bowl and  gearing, run up and tyre pressure were the topics on the radio as several people tried the dunes on offer.   Wilma was after some white sand and this place was full of it, most of it was in the back seat with my kids but Wilma collected her own samples for the Xmas decorations. We all decided that Mike’s hill was a bit dryer and softer than last time so we left it alone in his honour.
    The run to the air up spot was cool, calm, and collected but once we got there it was a flurry of double pumpers and tyre gauges as the troops put their new toys to the test. Our goodbyes and Xmas wishes were conveyed and a good time was had by all.

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