Wilbinga Day Trip part of Weekend Camp

Trip Leader: Paul Ryan

When: 13th December, 2009

Location: Wilbinga

Participants: 15 vehicles

Meeting point was the Light Horse stop on Wanneroo Road.  We arrived early to find the location very busy with two other groups using the location as a rendezvous.   
After a briefing from our trip leader Paul Ryan and due allocation of trip notes, we set off a little late at 9:41.  The convoy comprised alternate member visitor with Richard and Helen Kingston finishing as tail end Charlie and a total of 15 vehicles. We ended up in our Green Land Rover Discovery in number 3 slot.
The first hitch of the day was down to my faulty Radio not transmitting.  Luckily we had a hand held that allowed us to communicate.
We were all on the road by 9:46.  
By 10:10 we all headed off the bitumen on to the sand with some of the visitors slipping and sliding onto the transition between the two surfaces.  We stopped to let the air out of the tyres to improve our traction in the soft stuff. 
The temperature was heating up to 39 by the car thermometer.  We continued in the soft sand tracks with Hans, a visitor in number 4 slot having some difficulties with  his Pajeros transmission light.  Hans also had some problems hearing the radio calls from our leader.  “Hans are you out thereā€¦?”
After a stop to view Hans’ Lights it  turned into Mornos and off we go again. 

The hard limestone teeth shaker gives way to the swinging turns and then the first hill test, one car at a time, (the alternative track is to go home). All of us eventually made it over.  Kangaroos to the right and left as we proceeded on (they have right of way) Car 8 has lizards in tow.

Duncan was the risk taker.  We stopped at a steep hill and our trusty trip leader showed us how it is done in his trusty Land cruiser.  Our first attempt left us half way up with the wheels spinning.  A second attempt in low ratio and with tyre pressures a 12 pounds saw us crest the hill with some pride.
We continued on and had to regroup after a toilet stop mid convoy.  
Mad waving had the rest of the convoy on track.
A lost sand flag was found by member further down the convoy and eventually reunited with its owner.
Soon after and another small hill in soft sand and we were heading for the beach.  A stranger with a V8 Land Rover Discovery with a blown radiator hose was helped on his way and we were soon set up on the Beach.
The temperature had dropped and we were very pleasantly seated under the Group’s Shade two structures.  A very pleasant way to cool off was a swim.  We had some lunch and the kids had time to stretch their legs and play in the sand.  
Paradise, great food great company great view. 
What more could you want from life???  
Then home weary but happy for a great day.  
Many thanks to our trusty trip leader Paul, and for Tail End Charlies, Helen and Richard Kingston.

Trip Notes   Peter K

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