Wilbinga Sand Bowl

Trip Leader: John and Sue Bromberger

When: Sunday 16th November 2008

Location: Wilbinga WA

Participants: 15 vehicles

It was a fine and clear day on Sunday the 16th November when 15 vehicles met at the 10th Light Horse walk trail just north of Wanneroo. Our fearless leader John Bromberger outlined the day’s proceedings and addressed the usual formalities. John’s equally fearless and able co-pilot Sue read an article outlining the history and significance of the 10th Light Horse Brigade before we headed off. 
From here we headed further north to Wilbinga Grove where we reduced tyre pressure. It was an easy drive west towards the beach where many admired the remaining wild flowers along the way. After a short while we came to a suitable area to set ourselves up for the day. 
One driver, (not to mention any names Sam), drove a little further down to the beach and became the first victim to the soft sand.  Chris Partington (not to miss an opportunity to go for drive) volunteered on behalf of Lester and his new Pajero to go and offer assistance. 


While most took this opportunity to have morning tea, John B and some willing volunteers set up some flags to form a “circuit” on the beach which we were expected to navigate. This seemed easy enough until it was announced that the driver was to be blindfolded and shall negotiate the course under the direction of the passenger. 
                                                     John and Rosalie were first and……… !!         
                                                    Well enough said about that. 

Most other members followed in no particular order.  Roger managed to use his front wheels to move a large amount of the sand, from the beach, into his vehicle through the open windows… 
Peter Belcher successfully navigated his blindfolded son David… to a complete bog!
The only women to drive were Nancy and Karen and both did very well under the excellent directions from their respective navigators. 
The precision driving provided great entertainment and all participants seemed to enjoy the experience. It was soon time for lunch and the customary ever expanding circle formed with a variety of meals and goodies appearing from different vehicles. During lunch Bob provided a demonstration of a shovel he had purchased the previous day at the 4WD show.
It was soon time to pack up and head home, and instead of going out the way we came in, we traveled south down the beach and exited from a different point. Some took a couple of attempts to get off the beach but we were soon on our way again. The track was firm with a few rock outcrops which required careful negotiation on deflated tyres. It was not too long before 2 vehicles became victim to a tight left hand turn. Sam managed to roll his front right tyre off the rim and Roger rolled both right hand tyres off the rims at the same time and on the same bend as Sam. Sam and Rick soon had Sam’s tyre changed, but Roger was not so lucky having 2 flat and only 1 spare. This seemed like a good place for the rest of the convoy to inflate their tyres while Roger and a few willing helpers endeavored to re-inflate and reseal his tyres. It was soon realised that this was not going to be as easy as first thought, as the hilly terrain made it difficult to safely jack the vehicle.
It was suggested by our trip leader that the trip be ended at this point at 4.15pm and with the exception of a couple of vehicles, the convoy would continue home. The Belchers, Kings and Archers remained with Roger to assist while the rest continued on their way. Chris “Lets go for a drive” Partington volunteered to go back to Rogers place and pick up another spare, however this was not required as with some able assistance of David Belcher, it was not long before the Land Rover had 4 inflated tyres they were also on their way.
Many thanks to John and Sue for a great day out with a difference. It seems that all who came enjoyed themselves, particularly the social aspect of the day. 

Rick and Nancy. 

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