Wilbinga Shacks 4×4 Crew Annual Clean‐up May 2016

Judith Brinkley's photo.

The weather to the lead up of this event wasn’t shaping up too well with 40‐50 knot winds the day before with consistent heavy rain.

Well, the sun came out and the day ended up being just perfect for the event.
72 volunteers on the day and approx. 140 volunteer hours committed. Best effort in the 5 years the Shacks Crew have been honoured with the Adoption of the Wilbinga Conservation Park by Parks and Visitor Service Swan Coastal – The Department of Parks and Wildlife.
Estimated tonnage of what was extracted is yet to be determined but at a guess, more than ever before in previous years.
Below is list of groups, clubs and organisations in support this year…
 Wilbinga Shacks 4×4 Crew
The 4wd Club of WA
4wding Responsibly
SRS Fabrications
Over the Edge 4×4
Air Down 4×4
The Department of Parks and Wildlife ‐ PVS Swan Coastal
Ultimate 4wd Training
The Wally’s
WA Prado 4×4
The Gin Gin Shire
WA4WD Association
Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club WA
Track Care WA
Keep Australia Beautiful Council
Vicki Winfield & Associates PTY LTD

The day started at 8:00am and continued to mid‐afternoon.

All groups, clubs and individual volunteers signed in on the DPaW 208 volunteer form and made their way in and from up the road further to the north.

Vicky Winfield in her capacity as a Parks and Wildlife Consultant was at the Shacks engaging with all 72 volunteers during the course of the day showing maps of how the Park was from 2002 to 2010 to 2016. Mapping provided was a very powerful visual aid to show what we 4wdrivers need to be concerned with, in the future management of the Conservation Park.

If parts of this Park’s ecosystems keep degrading the way they have been over the last 14 years we will be facing wholesale closures…. so efforts like this go a long way in maintaining our access. It’s vital we play our part as 4wdrivers now, and every time any of us head out there. That is extended to ALL 4wdrivers. Members of clubs or not.

Judith Brinkley's photo.Thanks to the two DPaW lads for putting on the BBQ and drinks. Very welcome after a morning’s effort of volunteering.

From the Adoptees – organisers, a show of appreciation and gratitude to ALL the volunteers.

You all did 4wding in Western Australia very, very proud yesterday, thank you all so much.

Swan Coastal PVS have a bit of a task to get their bit done now.

Wilbinga Conservation Park – Track & Area Adoption
Report by Geoff Couper on behalf of Shannon Steele and the Shacks

Many brought their children along to help.. and to learn that this sort of work needs to be done.. Good to see.

Judith Brinkley's photo.

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