Wilbinga to Seabird

Trip Leader: Lester

When:  Sunday 30th October 2005

Location:  Wilbinga

Participants: Lester, Chris, Cam, Martin, Karen, Mike, Judy, Dax or Daccs, George, Linda, Cousin Patrick, The Lomas’s, Terry, Christine, Keith and Paul.

Firstly I must protest that I was duped into writing these trip notes. I was ahead of two other members on my way to the meeting point when Martin says he is having trouble with his GPS, a blown fuse was the culprit. “That’s alright” I said “I am going to stop for petrol why don’t you stop with me and we will see if I have a spare in my tool kit”.  So we all pulled into the petrol station and as I fished around in my tool kit Martin was kind enough to fill my tank with petrol.  I found a couple of fuses but not the right ones, so Martin goes into the shop and picks up a packet of fuses. I checked my oil and went inside to pay for the petrol, thinking at least I won’t have to do the trip notes, so you can image my surprise when I came out to find the other members well on the way to the meeting point…….DOH!
We all met at the 10th Light Horse Trail on Wanneroo Road, present were Lester, Chris, Cam, Martin, Karen, Mike, Judy, Dax or Daccs, George, Linda, Cousin Patrick, The Lomas’s, Terry, Christine, Keith and Paul. 
We set off on time and keen to get the trip under way, we settled on a more casual approach and decided to do some exploring along the way.
Corrugations  were the order of the day as we headed onto the Wilbinga limestone track, luckily we decided to air down as soon as we turned off the black top and this somewhat softened the harshness. Finally we made it onto the soft stuff and everyone was able to talk with out fear of loosing their teeth. Some gentle meandering through the sand dunes soon gave way to a few challenges.
At the first of  the challenges Lester called out that on the pre-trip he went left at this point but thought he might take the right track today. Well you’ll have to check with Chris if that was a smart move or not but it looked like fun, Lester radioed back to say that it was quite rough and that it was optional for anyone who didn’t want to try….well he might as well called us all a bunch of whooses …now the challenge was on. One by one we all tackled the optional track with varying degrees of, and sometimes interesting, driving techniques and one by one we all came through all feeling quite chuffed I would say.
More meandering and some beautiful scenery thrown in for good measure and we happened upon a nice little beach access track and just a short drive along the beach a spot that would make for a good picnic BBQ lunch spot when the weather is warmer. There is plenty of room to park all the vehicles and set up a central shelter of some sort. Swimming, fishing, mini hill climbs and walking along the shore are just a few of the possibilities that come to mind. We decided that time was catching up and we should have morno’s. 
After we got sandblasted off the face of the earth… it started raining!!  so we pressed on back to the main track….well some of us had to press on a couple of times to make it over the small but soft hill climb….something about wrong gear selection?….but no names!
Just around the corner we found a very steep soft looking hill off to the right.  “Not going up there are you?” says my passenger (George’s cousin from UK Patrick) 
“Nah. Wouldn’t make it up there….might come down it though!”
So off we went in search for a way to the top.   I dare say the photos don’t do the angle justice but it was quite steep and soft but oh so much fun.  Everybody went over the edge so to speak and you smell the adrenaline in the air, at least that’s what George says it was.
Not far down the track and Lester gets a glint in his eye and sets off up this seemingly impassable hill.  Trouble is he didn’t pass it!  So after a bit of a white light (reverse lights) manoeuvre and several attempts later it was decided some more air was to come out of the tyres. 
It turned out there was more mumbling about being ‘in wrong gear’ … but still no names!
The rest of the group went around the easy way and found a great sand bowl, which was beckoning for us to explore.. and explore we did. 
We played follow the leader up and down and around  and around.  It was great and put some of the drivers and their vehicles to the test.  Definitely a spot worth revisiting.
Next stop was not a challenge for us, but for some non club members heading the other way that had new toys and hadn’t read the instructions.  We came across a vehicle with a flat tyre in soft sand, plenty of accessories on the vehicle but none of the important items that we learnt about on the DTP courses.  Things like a shovel bigger that a desert spoon! or a jacking plate! and more importantly the knowledge of where to put your jack so the tyre actually lifts off the ground !!!. 
All of these items were provided by our club so we could get this vehicle out of the way. 
(Writers tip, if your spare is mounted under the car and you going driving in sandy conditions take it out and secure it in the back of the car before you leave home, it will save you a lot of grief). These people spent more time digging the spare out from under the car in the rain than it took to change the tyre.
We picked up a fellow 4WDer who asked if he could tag along for a while (yes it was a Mitsubishi), turned out he was a very cautious driver and didn’t want to damage any rocks with his car ( you had to be there). 
It’s now 2.00pm and Chris is starting to look at Lester the way you would look at your Mother’s lamb roast, so we headed off to Guilderton hopefully to find some shelter and enjoy our well deserved lunch.
After lunch and a quick stroll for our UK visitors out to the mouth of the Moore river, some of the group called it a day and headed home from there. The rest of us gluttons for punishment decide to press on to Seabird for….wait for it….. an ice cream. 12 degrees and we are going for an ice cream
This part was very tight and scratchy, you know the kind of track where the bushes make that “fingernails on blackboard” type of sound….brrrrrrr! but still it was fun in a strange kind of way but you could tell it was getting toward the end of the day as the silence of the radios was deafening. 
We ended up at the Seabird deli and after airing up our tyres and eating  those bleeding ice creams we all said our goodbyes and headed off home.
A great trip with some new spot to revisit and a great time was had by all. 
The best part though was Club Members 1 …Ticks Nil.

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