Wungong Australia Day Sundowner

Trip Leader: Pat O’Dowd

The group assembled at the Byford Caltex Service Station at 5.45pm as agreed with a little help from the trip leader who called the lost Chalkie who had trusted google and was looking behind the local railway station some distance away.
The briefing was comprehensive and included the informative:
“The first gate is locked, but I don’t have the key , which is unfortunate because I know the track from there.
The second gate may be open and I think I know the way from there.
The third gate is locked but I have a key and I definitely don’t know the way from there…”

Dutifully numbered, radio checked and in the correct order we set off.. hoping for the second gate… or an interesting tour of the local surrounds.

Fortunately it was open, and after a couple of really interesting alternative tracks…
Trip Leader: “I think I turn left here, is that right George?”
George: “Yes I think that is correct.”

We made it to the correct spot?
Well… it was a great spot even though the trip leader was sure it was supposed to be higher up!

A few minutes later the chairs, tables and snacks were out and drinks in hand.
The decision to delay the trip start meant the temperature was pleasant and a welcome relief from the hot day. Darkness fell in due course and the fireworks started on time.

Other than a complaint that the sound track did not include Slim Dusty, the show was spectacular and a lasted whole thirty minutes (which I am assured is the same time it took in the CBD..!)

The group decided to wait until 9pm …or was it 9.30pm?… to look for a comet that was due around then.

Initial excitement quickly gave way to ‘well we probably won’t see it from here’.. and…‘no, a comet does not have a flashing light”.

We reverted to chatting around the ‘imaginary’ fire, choosing instead to watch the glow of other headlights moving around the forest.

The departure was uneventful other than the usual derogatory comments over the radio about each others choice of vehicle and the sight (no pun intended) of those in front, lost in huge dust clouds kicked up on the very dry track.

Thank you Pat for a great day out on a great day of celebration.


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