Trip Grading

GRADE 0 - No 4WDriving involved. Driving on Bitumen Roads, Social Events.

GRADE 1 - Very easy going with little 4WDing.

GRADE 2 - A moderate trip, with some 4WDing involved, towing or winching not required. Suitable for all levels of experience.

GRADE 3 - A medium grade 4WD trip with some cautious driving required. Towing or winching not normally required. Suitable for experienced drivers.

GRADE 4 - A moderate hard 4WD trip, with cautious driving required, towing or winching may be required. Suitable for experienced drivers only. Visitors may not be permitted. Trip leader to decide on eligibility.

GRADE 5 - An extremely difficult 4WD trip. All participants must be experienced in driving over difficult terrain. Towing or winching will be required. All vehicles must carry their own recovery equipment. Some damage to vehicles may occur.